Ranger of the North, Solitary Vagabond



Name: Curulon

Culture: Ranger of the North Standard of Living: Martial
Cultural blessing: Foresight of their Kindred
Calling: Warden Shadow weakness: Lure of Power
Specialties: Herb-lore, Lore of Arnor, Shadow-lore
Distinctive features: Keen-eyed (Perceptive), Lordly (Regal), [Foresighted]
Body: 7 Heart: 5 Wits: 5
Body (favoured): 10 Heart (favoured): 7 Wits (favoured): 6

Common Skills

* Awe: 2 Inspire: 1 Persuade: 1 [][][]
* Athletics: 3 Travel: 4 Stealth: 3 [][][]
* Awareness: 3 Insight: 1 Search: 1 [][][]
* Explore: 2 Healing: 1 Hunting: 3 [][][]
* Song: 2 Courtesy: 1 Riddle: 0 [][][]
* Craft: 0 Battle: 2 Lore: 2 [][][]

Weapon Skills

* Long-sword: 5
* (Bows): 2
* Spear: 1
* Dagger: 1

Rewards: Heirloom of Lost Arnor (Ring of Hissael), Star of the Dúnedain
Virtues: Rumour of the Earth, Royalty Revealed, Dauntless Guardians (See the Unseen)
Magical Treasure: Annúngil (Famous Weapon)

* Annúngil damage: 7/9 edge: 10 injury: 16/18 enc: 3
* Bow damage: 5 edge: 10 injury: 14 enc: 1
* Dagger damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 enc: 0
* Leather corslet enc: 8

Travelling Gear

* Travelling leather gloves
* Useful whetstone
* Practical blanket
* Wooden flute
* Curious wooden carving from the Ancient Days

Endurance: 28 Starting Endurance: 28 Fatigue from Encumbrance: 12 Fatigue from Travel: 0 Total Fatigue: 12
Hope: 13 Starting Hope: 13 Temporary Shadow: 0
Permanent Shadow: 0 Total Shadow: 0
Armour: 2d Headgear: 0
Parry: 5 Shield: 0
Damage: 7 Ranged: 7
Wisdom: 4 Valour: 3
Experience: 1 Total Experience: 51
Fellowship: 10 Fellowship Focus: Nidhiel Advancement: 6 Treasure: 40
Standing: 3


Elo! Sí tôl i-gollon Annúngil!
Od Annûn tôl! Mithrin i-chîn dîn!
Tîr i-eneth Dúnedain!
Beleg i-vegil dîn, i-chuid dannar!

Curulon, Son of Curunar, was born in T.A. 2894 in the land between the rivers Bruinen and Mitheithel, known as the Angle. Curunar served his people, the Dúnedain, as a Ranger of the North and as his first son, Curulon would inherit that duty. As a boy, Curulon learned the skills of woodcraft and tracking from his father, and trained in the way of the sword and bow. As he came into his own, many knew him by his keen sight and skill in battle.

Curulon saw the reign of three Chieftains of the Dúnedain during his early years as a ranger. First, Argonui served as Chieftain and it was during his reign in T.A. 2911 that the Fell Winter began. Curulon joined the Rangers and the wizard Gandalf in gathering food to provide the Hobbits of the Shire, saving them from starvation. Argonui’s death came in T.A. 2912 and his son, Arador, became Chieftain. It was during his reign that Arador sent Curulon to join the Rangers guarding Sarn Ford, on the river Baranduin at the far southern borders of the Shire. Arathorn II became Chieftain in T.A. 2930 after his father’s death at the hands of Hill-trolls.

Arathorn’s rule was short, killed by orcs in T.A. 2933. His son, Aragorn II, became Chieftain then, and as was tradition, brought to Rivendell and fostered by Lord Elrond, his name hidden from the Enemy. Curulon remained at Sarn Ford until T.A. 2941, when Halbaron, leader of the Rangers in Aragorn’s stead, tasked him with tracking the Company of Thorin Oakenshield as they journeyed to the Lonely Mountain.

Curulon came to the gates of the Elvenking’s Halls shortly after Thorin’s Company, having learned of their road from Beorn the skin-changer, who had received him in his home. Thranduil welcomed Curulon to his halls, and offered him food and shelter. It was here that he met and befriended Nidhiel, a skilled Elven archer and hunter.

Sensing the Shadow that fell over the Greenwood, Curulon sent word to Halbaron of his findings and took to traveling the southern road through Mirkwood. He came upon a nest of spiders, and soon a pack of orcs moving towards the Hill of Sorcery. In November of 2941, Curulon spotted the host of orcs of the Misty Mountains and Grey Mountains moving through the forest, and he began to follow them. His skill of woodcraft kept him from their sight, and soon he guessed their destination.

Curulon joined with the united armies of Men, Elves, and Dwarves and fought in the Battle of Five Armies, his blade felling many orcs and wargs. Curulon joined Thorin and his Company in their charge, alongside the many Men, Elves, and Dwarves, his friend Nidhiel among them. Despite the many losses on all sides, Curulon survived to see the Great Eagles, led by Gwaihir the Windlord, and Beorn the Skin-changer arrive and turn the tide of battle. The Free Peoples secured victory and Curulon joined Nidhiel in one of the many hunting parties that went in pursuit of the fleeing orcs.

After the battle and the crowning of Dain Ironfoot as King under the Mountain, Curulon knew that the Shadow still lingered in the North and orcs still dwelled deep in the mountains, and that his skills could prove valuable to the Free Peoples. Deciding to remain in Wilderland, Curulon took refuge amongst the Woodmen of Mirkwood, taking the name Hafgrim, Son of Hord, a hunter descended from the survivors of Dale when Smaug razed it.

The Woodmen came to know him and soon they called him Hafgrim the Watcher, or simply The Watcher, for few amongst them could match his keen sight. Curulon soon befriended the Woodmen’s patron, Radagast the Brown, and he revealed his true self to the Brown Wizard, though it was unlikely he could truly hide from the eyes of a Wizard. The Elves of Mirkwood, too, knew of his identity and Curulon spent many days hunting orcs and spiders with Nidhiel.

For many years, he has traveled beneath the trees of Mirkwood and along the shores of the Anduin, tracking the movements of orcs, spiders, and other foul things. He made his home in Rhosgobel, dwelling amongst the Brown Wizard and the Woodmen there, though he spends much of his days in the wilds of Wilderland.


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