The Brown Wizard


Radagast the Brown is a Wizard. He abides in a small wood of ancient oaks in Rhosgobel, close to the southwestern eaves of Mirkwood, where many Woodmen have come to stay near him. Once content to spend his time in quiet conversation with birds and animals (whose diverse languages he seems to be able to speak fluently) Radagast had an active part in the White Council’s preparations to attack Dol Guldur, and since that time he has shown an increased interest in the matters of the people living in the area.

Like his peers Saruman the White and Gandalf the Grey, Radagast has always appeared to the eyes of mortals like a vigorous old man who doesn’t seem to wither and grow weaker with the passing of the years. He wears a tall, wide-brimmed hat and brown cloak over clothes of earthen colours, and sports a long, wild-looking reddish beard slowly turning grey, and long, unkempt hair of the same hue. He usually paces his stride with his long Oaken staff.



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